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Krugle Eclipse plug-in delivers Krugle code search directly within the Eclipse IDE.

Please note that versions of the Krugle Eclipse plug-in prior to will no longer work after June 15th, please update now to the lastest version!

Step-by-step instructions on how to get the latest version of the Krugle Eclipse plug-in can be found here.


  1. To search, simply enter a search term and click the search icon.
  2. Result summaries of code files matching will be displayed in a document pane.
  3. Click the file name for any listed item to open the corresponding code file in Eclipse.

Krugle Eclipse Plug-in Interface

The Krugle Eclipse plug-in offers a number of configuration and use options.

Choose Window > Preferences...> Krugle Search (or Preferences... from the dropdown option list) to specify the number of results, a http proxy connection (if needed) or the location of your organization's Krugle Enterprise search application.

Choose Search > Krugle Code Search... (or Advanced Search... from the dropdown option list) to enter your search with options for a) languages searched, b) section of code searched and/or c) code project name. These advanced search options can also be entered in the query term directly - for greater flexibility and control (this is explained in the following section Query Options).

Advanced Query Options

Krugle Eclipse Plug-in supports query options and query qualifiers that make code searching simple and powerful.

Query qualifiers are used by adding qualifier:[qualifier value] to your search string. qualifiers supported in this version of Krugle:

language - search results will include only files written in programming language specified. Valid languages: ActionScript, Ada, ASP, AppleScript, Assembler, Awk, Basic (Visual Basic and other BASICs), C, C++, C#, ColdFusion, Lisp (Common Lisp), CSS, Eiffel, ELisp (Emacs Lisp), Erlang, Expect, Fortran, Groovy, Haskell, Java, JavaScript, JSP, lex, Flex, lua, ml, Objective-C, Pascal, Delphi, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Scheme, Shell (shell scripts), SQL, TCL, VB.NET, VBScript, VHDL, XML, yacc, bison.

license - search results will include only files of noted license type. Valid licenses: Academic, Adaptive, Apache, Apache-20, Apple, Artistic, Attribution, BSD, CA-11, CDDL, CPL, CUA_Office, ECL, Eclipse, Eiffel, Eiffel-20, Entessa, EU_DataGrid, Fair, Frameworx, GFDL, GPL, Historical, IBM, Intel, Jabber, LGPL, LPPL, Lucent, MIT, Mitre, Motosoto, Mozilla, Mozilla-10, Mozilla-11, Ms-CL, Ms-LPL, Ms-PL, Ms-RL, Ms-SS, NASA-13, Naumen, NCSA, Nethack, Nokia, OCLC-20, Open_Group, OSI_Approved, OSL-30, Other, PHP, PPL, PSFL, Public_Domain, Qt, RealNetworks, Ricoh, RPL, SCSL, SISSL, Sleepycat, Sun, Sybase, Vovida, W3C, wxWindows,X.Net, Ximian, ZLL, Zope.

project - will use the given search term to do a keyword search against the name of the project and the project's description. You can also provide multiple project keywords by "putting them in double quotes."

classdef - search results will include only files that have [value] in the class name.

functiondef - search results will include only files that have [value] in the function definition name.

functioncall - search results will include only files that have [value] in the function call name.

comment- search results will include only files that have [value] in the comments area.

Note: Multiple query qualifier can be included in a single query, and should be separated by a space (e.g. "md5 hash language:java license:LGPL")

Note: By adding a "-" (minus sign) immediately before the query qualifier will exlude files matching the qualifier criteria (e.g. "md5 hash -language:c") will find md5 related code files NOT written in the c language.

For more discussion, check out Grant's great blog post on query qualifiers.

Krugle Eclipse Plug-in Updates

Follow the instructions below to update the Krugle Eclipse plug-in:

Use the Eclipse Update Manager to upgrade to the most recent version of the Krugle Eclipse plug-in (i.e. 1.0.7).
Help -> Software Updates -> Find and Install...
Select "Search for updates of the currently installed features"
Select "Krugle Search 1.0.5UI" and click "Next"
Accept the license agreement and click "Next".
Click "Finish"
Verify changes by clicking "Install All" and then choose to restart Eclipse.


Q: What code is the Krugle Eclipse plug-in searching?
A: When searching "Public Code", Krugle returns results from its comprehensive index of over 1.5 billion lines of source code. This code comes from trusted code repositories such as SourceForge, Tigris, Sun, Adobe, Apple, Berlios, Apache, and hundreds of other publicly accessible sites. "My Enterprise", when enabled through Krugle Enterprise Edition (see below) will search code files located inside your organization's firewall.

Q: What versions of Eclipse are required by the Krugle plug-in Beta? Are there any other requirements?
A: The Krugle Eclipse plug-in Beta requires version 3.2 or later of Eclipse IDE. It also requires Java 5.

Q: What standard Eclipse features are supported by the Krugle plug-in?
A: Krugle supports... Eclipse update site support - chose Help>Software Updates>Find and Install to get the latest Krugle plug-in. Seamless access to native code files from Search — this enables all Eclipse code file display and management options. Help, preferences and advanced search features available though their familar Eclipse locations and controls.

Q: How can I get the most relevant search results?
A: When entering your search phrases, two "search behaviors" will help you get high accuracy... Use more specific and descriptive keywords in your search term (e.g. "ruby image processing" will give better results than "ruby examples"). Use the qualifiers explained above to narrow your search by project, language, license or likely location of the search term in the code file.

Q: Where can I learn more about Krugle Search?
A: Learn more about the unique and "code optimized" Krugle search approach here.

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