Krugle Basic Support

Krugle Basic only offers support through Krugle moderated community support forum:

Krugle Enterprise Support

Krugle provides support options that range from self-help knowledge bases to real-time support to professional services.

Online Support

We provide web-based access to self-help facilities. Among the on-line resources are:

  • Resources - Current product FAQ, manuals, and general documentation can be found in the Resources section of the Krugle website.
  • - For questions or issues that are not covered in the Krugle Resources section of the Krugle website, send an email with a description, as well as the specific product and version number.

Telephone Support

The Krugle Technical Support Team is available by telephone for customers who have Premium Support. Telephone support is available by calling +1 415-869-8818 x711 during normal business hours Monday through Friday 9:00 am - 6:00 pm U.S. Pacific time (-8 GMT), excluding U.S. holidays.

Krugle Enterprise Support Packages

Support Packages are determined by your contract type. Standard support is included as part of a standard Krugle Enterprise license agreement. The table below shows the different Packages: Standard and Premium.

  Standard Premium
Documents, Email checkmark checkmark
Updates, Upgrades checkmark checkmark
Phone Support (business hours) checkmark checkmark
24 x 7 crisis phone support   checkmark
API Support   checkmark
Support Incidents 20 per year Unlimited

Krugle Enterprise Support Priority

Support Case Priority Initial Response Fix or Workaround Escalation
P1 = The software is completely inaccessible or the majority of its functionality is unstable 1 business day 1 Week Manager: Immediate
VP: 1 business day
CEO: 1 Week
P2 = One or more key features of the software are unusable 2 business days Next minor release Manager: 1 business day
VP: 1 week
CEO: 1 month
P3 = Any other case where a feature of the software is not operating as documented 2 business days Next major release VP reviews all open defects quarterly
P4 = All enhancement requests 1 week At Krugle discretion VP reviews all enhancement requests quarterly

Support Documents

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