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I needed to find a good hashtable implementation in pure C. I knew it must exist in some corner somewhere. Coding it myself is dirty work and I didn't want to reinvent the wheel. So I tried Krugle. My very first time using it, and I found what I needed. — Rick

language: c type code keywords: hashtable try it!

Krugle simplified my life enormously

I was looking for a MIME parser and searched 'MIME parser' selected C# and found a whole project about communicating with POP3 accounts, downloading mails, and extracting attachments. This simplified my life enormously. Plus, it gave me time to throw an office BBQ. Thanks Krugle. — Gonzalo

language: c# type code keywords: mime parser try it!

Browse whole projects, not just matched files

When I searched for codes concerning hyphenation, inflexion points on Bezier curves and some other things, I was really surprised how relevant Krugle's matches were. I love browsing whole projects and not just matched files. It's a must, particularly in Java. — Lubos

language: java type code and project keywords: bezier try it!

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