Free version of Krugle Enterprise for initial deployment of code sharing, code discovery and defect containment solution.

Why Krugle Basic?

Krugle Basic is a free version of Krugle Enterprise that has been streamlined for pilot deployments in large software development organizations.

Krugle Basic creates and manages a searchable library of up to 1 GB of source code and related information. Krugle uses innovative code search and analysis capabilities to help development organizations take control of code duplication and make developers more proficient with existing code. This results in significant time to market, quality and cost advantages.

How is Krugle Basic Different?

Krugle Basic has features which make it useful for development groups conducting pilot implementations of Krugle with basic source code management systems. Additional features in Krugle Enterprise address enterprise wide deployments and support a broad range of source code management systems.

Available Storage

  • Krugle Basic can store up to 1 GB of code and related information
  • Krugle Enterprise can store 500+GB

SCMI Connectors

  • Krugle Basic can access files from SVN, CVS, Perforce and Team Foundation out of the box.
  • Krugle Basic also supports additional SCM systems, including Clearcase, Starteam, PVCS, File Systems, and custom systems. Please contact Krugle Basic Support to request an SCMI for your particular SCM System.


Support Documents

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