Aragon Acquires Software Analysis and Maintenance Technology Leader Krugle

Aragon continues to revolutionize software outsourcing Krugle acquisition to power code maintenance and productivity capabilities for Next.0 Delivery Platform.

SAN MATEO, CA, February 17, 2009 -- Aragon Consulting Group, Inc., an innovator in software outsourcing, today announced that it has acquired Krugle Inc., a market leader in the code maintenance and analysis technology. Aragon is a global software development firm with a unique approach to risk-free outsourcing by leveraging cutting-edge technologies to deliver superior service. Through this acquisition Aragon will further its Next.0 Delivery Platform, which brings together people, processes and software delivery technology to global customers. The acquisition represents another strategic move for Aragon as it furthers its leadership in software development outsourcing.

Traditional outsourcing is broken. It is plagued by poor visibility, unpredictable quality, steep learning curves and frequent cultural & communication breakdowns. Companies tend to outsource to achieve cost advantage, time to market and access to talent and often find themselves captive in a situation with diminishing returns. said Nagi Prabhu, CEO of Aragon. Our Next.0 Delivery Platform uses technology to streamline outsourced software development and ensure delivery of software with unrivaled predictability, visibility, quality and value. The Krugle acquisition provides us with another innovative technology that will advance the Next.0 Delivery Platform and help Aragon drive the next wave of outsourcing growth.

By incorporating Krugle technologies into Aragons Next.0 Delivery Platform, Aragon establishes a new benchmark for outsourced software development and maintenance, through:

  • Real-time, on-demand visibility into outsourced software development
  • Near zero defects at a lower cost
  • Industry leading developer productivity in ramp-up and maintenance activities
  • Code-centric development team collaboration

The Aragon approach to outsourcing is different and fundamentally better with the Next.0 Delivery Platform, said Don Ames, Vice President of Industry Solutions at Corticon, the leader in model-driven Business Rules Management software. With Aragon I know they are using their technology based approach to ensure on-time and on-budget delivery. It is a more natural and effective way to work and a new and refreshing approach to outsourcing. Partnering with Aragon contributes to Corticon's competitive advantage, accelerating our product delivery, and growing our business.

Aragon will continue active support of the Krugle Enterprise product offerings and the Krugle Open Source code search service ( Aragon will also continue the support and ongoing development activities for Krugle technology and will offer a range of integration and customization options that were frequently requested by customers, but not previously available.

Aragons experience with and appreciation for Krugle search technology make this acquisition a big win for Krugle customers. Aragon has been one our most involved and influential customers, said Steve Larsen, co-founder and CEO of Krugle. When you link Aragons outsourcing expertise and direction with Krugles technology, customer base and market position, you have a combination that cant lose.

About Aragon

Aragon is a software development firm with offices in the San Francisco Bay Area, Chicago and a Global Development Center in Beijing, China. Aragon offers software development services built around: (1) US based leadership and engagement methodology (2) Aragons state-of-the art Next.0 Delivery Platform (3) development talent from China.

Aragon core expertise spans all aspects of software product development and enterprise application development. Aragon maintains solution expertise in software development and maintenance, mobile application development, enterprise search technologies, Open Source adaptation, SaaS, Cloud Computing and QA Management and QA Automation. Its focus has been in developing deep expertise in a range frameworks and platforms including Java, .Net, C/C++, AJAX, Flex/AIR, Oracle AIA, Silverlight, iPhone, LAMP, SOA, BPEL and others.

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