Krugle Enterprise 3.0 Now Generally Available

Code search leader commercializes groundbreaking code discovery solutions for software development organizations

REDWOOD CITY, CA – October 30, 2009 – Aragon Consulting Group, Inc., today announced the general availability of Krugle Enterprise 3.0. This release is the first complete solution that automates continuous code duplication analysis – that helps software development organizations block defect propagation and better leverage coding and testing efforts across the enterprise.

The latest version of Krugle Enterprise features two new solution capabilities: Defect Containment and Code Similarity Monitoring.

Defect Containment -- This capability continuously monitors all source code in the development organization for known defects, vulnerabilities or unauthorized coding practices. Code patterns that match known definitions – either exactly or closely – are flagged and affected development teams are automatically notified. Project owners receive full explanation of the error, the fix and appropriate contact information. This solution helps development organizations improve code sharing, achieve higher coding consistency and share critical development know-how, without changing existing development processes or tooling.

Similarity Monitoring -- Krugle Enterprise 3.0 will automatically compare multiple projects for similar code files and fragments. Similarity reports identify hotspots of similar code that are fruitful areas for refactoring, impact analysis and code architectural planning. This solution helps organizations effectively manage code divergence and duplication across development projects.

Matt Graney, Vice President of Krugle Enterprise Products at Aragon explains the genesis of these new capabilities: “Version 3.0 grew out of customer requirements that Krugle automatically and continuously reveal “good” and “bad” code duplication across all of the organization’s source code. The rapid adoption for these Krugle capabilities in organizations with more than 100 developers or 20 active projects is evidence of the substantial cost and quality upside with intelligent code discovery.”

About Aragon

Aragon is a software development vendor with business offices in the San Francisco Bay Area and a Global Development Center in Beijing, China. Aragon solutions make companies more effective by (i) unifying source code access and discovery across the entire development organization and (ii) facilitating enterprise-wide business analysis and information management.

The Krugle Enterprise product line has become the leading platform for code discovery and code duplication analysis, providing significant ROI and developer productivity benefits for Fortune 1000 companies in financial services, defense, high technology and healthcare.

Krugle Enterprise solutions provide development teams with answers to high value development questions that include:

  • "Does this bug I've found in one version of the code occur in any other versions? In any other projects?"
  • "Has someone in my company, or in the world of Open Source, developed the component that I need?"
  • "How would the code changes that I'm considering affect other projects, teams and code?"
  • "What is our organization's exposure to a security vulnerability that was recently reported by a third party software vendor?"
  • "On an ongoing basis, what's our company’s exposure to set of known bugs, security vulnerabilities or performance issues?"

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